Ginseng’s Effect on Mood/Stress

Ginseng’s Wondrous Effect on State of Mind

The market for Ginseng has become a multibillion industry with the main supply coming from a few countries.

The main countries that grown and export ginseng are

  • United States
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • China

It is commonly referred to as Asian Ginseng or Korean Ginseng, depending on where it is grown.  There are over 100 known ginsenosides which are substances that are unique to Ginseng. These have all been proven to have many physical and mental health benefits.

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It is the mental health benefits of ginseng that we’re going to dive deeper into here.

The General Health Effects of Ginseng

Ginseng is a great herb as it can have positive effects on the mood and make you feel relaxed.

By extension, it can help with anxiety and depression and can help with the prevention of psychological diseases. The use of the herb can also help to have beneficial effects on the heart and the brain.

Guess what? For guys struggling in a certain department, it helps with erectile dysfunction as well. There has been some recent studies that also see some potential for Ginseng to help with diseases such as diabetes, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

health the body

Focusing on Mental Health Benefits of Ginseng

Today’s society has seen an increase in the amount of stressful activities that people can face and this is related to increased brain activity, overwork and many other things.

In addition to this, the sustained stress level can cause certain responses from the human body. Some of these responses include the secretion of certain hormones and cytokines that are inflammatory.

If the stress becomes chronic, it can lead to other developments such as depression, anxiety and some panic disorders. It has been studied that Ginseng has an effect on these issues and can improve the symptoms associated with stress.

Do YOU Want to be Stressed?

Who wants to be stressed out?

Let’s face it, there are so many stressful things to deal with daily. It will be highly likely that you need something to boost your mood and allow you to feel better in life. A better outlook on life helps you to think clearer and improve your life.

It is great that there is a herb that can help in many ways so you can see improvements and depend on something natural to help you feel better.


There are some people who are troubled with depression who may be placed on medication to treat the situation. This can lead to addiction so they become dependent on the drug to have a functional life.

This is not a good place to be so it is a great option to consider Ginseng. It is natural and will not have any negative long term effects. In all things, you must not overdo consumption but consider the interactions with other compounds.

It is important to know that children or pregnant women should not consume Ginseng.

Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA)

In some stressful environments, if you take Ginseng it can be seen that your response to the situations may be improved.

It is believed that this is because the HPA function will be regulated. This can also be used to treat persons who may have an HPA disorder that would see them having an extra level of cortisol.

This can lead to things such as hypertension, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and asthma. It may have to be studied in more detail but it has been seen that Ginseng does have a positive effect on these issues.


It is important to understand that depression is a mental illness that is not easily detected as there are no physical symptoms.

Although, physical issues can present themselves if the depression becomes more advanced over time. Some people who face depression may not recover from it and lead to things like dependence on drugs.

Depression Mood

These things can lead to an effect on the quality of life that you will lead an eventually take you in a destructive path. Traditionally, Ginseng can be used to protect the nervous system and is very effective in the improvement of the memory.

It can be used to directly prevent issues such as Alzheimer’s disease. In studies, Alzheimer’s patients showed improvement in their cognitive performance after prolonged use of the herb.

The protective element of the herb is what is related to the treatment of depression. It is also important to point out that improved memory can completely prevent anxiety.


There has also been evidence to show that Ginseng has some anti-fatigue effects as it boosts the cognitive capacity of the user.

It would be a good choice if you want to see an increase in your physical or mental capacity.

Improved Blood Flow

With the use of Ginseng, the user will also experience better blood flow to the brain for better overall functioning. This will help to deliver better oxygen, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your brain will require to survive.

Better blood flow will also take things away from your brain that you do not need such as toxins, carbon dioxide and waste products.

It is very useful after a stroke or brain injury to improve the blood flow.

Blood flow ginseng

Mood and well-being

Some studies have also shown that users of Ginseng have also experienced an overall better well-being.

This includes:

  • better energy
  • sleep
  • sex life
  • general life satisfaction

For some people it was rated just as good as Prozac in the treatment of depression.

It should be noted that if you are having many depressive episodes you should consider seeing a professional for additional guidance.

Ginseng can be very helpful to treat your physical condition but you should consider if you have other issues that may need addressing that may be the root cause of your mental issue.

How to use Ginseng

You can get Ginseng in various forms.

It can be:

  • tablets
  • capsules
  • powders
  • liquid extracts
  • root chunks of various sizes

You may also get this in tea bags or in bulk teas. It is also available in dried roots or it can be pre-sliced.

Ginseng Roots

This form gives the user of the product options such as making soups or even eating the dried slices. The taste may not be all that great but it is a good way to consume it.

Here’s to a better well-being with ginseng as a main ingredient!

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